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05/27/23 03:13 PM #164    


Marilyn J Gissler (Stewart)

On June 24, 2023 there is a fundraiser Music Bingo @ Godfrey KC for Tiffany Richey Lubinski, daughter of our classmate Mary Ann (Losch) & Tim Richey (both deceased). Tiffany has colon cancer. To donate venmo @jennifer-weber98 or mail check to Jennifer Weber, 27 Lake Drive, Moro Il. 62067.

07/26/23 06:40 AM #165    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

⚠️ 2 Months Left to Register for 55th Reunion! ⚠️

AFTER OCTOBER 4th, Registration Fee Increases!

07/30/23 08:31 AM #166    


Deborah A Bayley (Provinzano)




First of all, I do appreciate all the hard work you have put towards the class reunions. I do know how it feels to work so hard on some thing, and  often not have your hard work recognized.

However, I do have some issues. As a class member of 1970, I am allowed to comment on this thread.

I believe inclusion is important. Any member of the class can have their voice heard, rather they have  attended or not.  That may increase attendance.  If voicing your concerns is “stirring the pot”, perhaps the pot needed  stirred. 

May I ask who is on the reunion committee? How does one become a committee member?  Was this post reviewed by members of the committee?  

Why would all comments only go to one person?  It would be nice to have an email address dedicated to the class reunion where all committee members have access.

In today’s world, members from everywhere could participate in zoom meetings. It is my opinion, these ideas could remove some of your burden.


Debbie (Bayley) Provinzano








07/30/23 07:55 PM #167    


George D Depper

I agree with Debbie.  

07/31/23 05:28 PM #168    

Frank Vozak (Vozak)

The sense that I have from observing from afar (Chicago, IL) is that Diana coordinates the reunion plans because she is the person who is willing to do the work.  We are lucky that George and Ruth pitch in with their areas of expertise but ultimately one person has to be shere the buck stops.  Diana has been willing to accept this role.  I am very sympathetic to Diana's planning challenge since as the president of a civic organization up in Chicago that is preparing for our 60th reunion n I zm tangling with a relatively large membership full of ideas but so far much of the work is falling on nthe default person, the president.  Diana has been that individual who hjas taken the lead and frankly I am highly impressed with her reunion planning and coordinating work as well as the web site which has allowed me to re connect with long lost classmates.

07/31/23 06:50 PM #169    


Deborah A Bayley (Provinzano)

I agree with you Frank except I fill we need more transparency. I certainly am willing to help as many are.

I would like to reply to your post Diana. Until today I could not see your posts on the Facebook page, and I rarely get on Facebook. Many people have chosen not to have Facebook.


I did some research today and I will try to include a couple of articles regarding zoom.  There were problems when there was a surge of new members during the pandemic but for the most part they have been resolved and zoom is encrypted. I have had a virtual meeting with the doctor on zoom. My husband and I have weekly meetings with a group on zoom. I actually pay a small yearly fee which increases the security. But I feel like the free zoom is also secure if you do some research. Which I never take a statement as true until I do some credible research.


As far as not having a committee email account, because of the fear it would not be safe, I looked into that also. I have Outlook and I was able to send encrypted emails.  I know you don’t want a committee but when I mentioned having a committee email, I did not mean an email that would be for everyone in the class. It would only be for the members of the committee & easily could be encrypted.  


Planning a wedding for two ppl is not the same as planning a reunion for a large high school group, even though others are involved in the wedding. I have been on committees & enjoy the exchange of ideas. I have been a boss.  I certainly wasn’t the sharpest in the group, but I knew my resources. I knew who excelled using technology, I knew who was good at organization,  I knew who had the best people skills, etc. 


Barry was very good with the money aspect.  I am glad I can use Venmo though but he did a great job.  Another person would have the technocal knowledge & or education; would know how to set up zoom safely & how to encrypted email accounts. Another person would be able to spend time looking for the best venue.  A treasurer would handle the money, another person could make the process more transparent.  That is why I think it would be better to have a committee & rely on the strengths of others. 


I question what you said about the dirty laundry & the internet.  I felt your original message had a strand of negativity.  Facebook is on the internet & not always safe.  I know because my page, like many others, has  been hacked. 


I don’t know if I can come, I certainly cannot pay by October 4th this year for a reunion two years away when I gave many obligations this fall! If I  come & bring my husband I will have to pay a total of $220.  That is doable for me, but for many it is not. 


Again, I am not saying you have not worked hard.  I just really feel like the whole thing should not be controlled by one person.


Zoom security issues: What's gone wrong and what's been fixed | Tom's Guide



Zoom Safety and Security: How Safe is Zoom to Install and Use?

This is my last post on the matter. 

08/01/23 08:26 AM #170    

Theresa E Simons (Brantley)

Happy day

08/01/23 12:28 PM #171    


Jamey L Franklin (Camerer)

I agree with Debbie.  This is not a highly classified ordeal why all the concerns about using emails and such.  We are dwindling in numbers why not do as other classes have done like loading dock or just meet up at a public area.  Something that doesn't take so much planning and cost a lot less. Just my two cents

08/01/23 02:37 PM #172    

Judy K Griggs (Fritz)

I gree with Jamey. This is not some secret club. Everybodies voice should be heard.     a year in advance for payment is a little much. God forbid what if you pay and something happens to you. Would you refund th family members? 

08/01/23 10:48 PM #173    

Frank Vozak (Vozak)

While I am sympathetic to the thoughts of fellow class mates for more informal connections, speaking as

someone who treasures mybAlton roots and increasingly appreciate the achievements of my fellow classmates,

I as an Altonian who has lived in Chicago far longer than I ever lived in Alton and as an Altonian who has no family

or friends connections with our home town any longer, need the structure of a planned structured reunion in

order to maintain connection with woith my classmates.  As I go through the list of surviving AHS Class of 70 

grads I see many fellow grads wh8o like me live far away from Alton and really would have no occasoion to return to Alton were it not for class reunions.

Obviously every class mate has their own connections to the the high school and the city we call home but it 

seems that  we do need to have a commone way that can encompass the greatest opportunity for us to come 

togetherr and stay connected.  When my father was still alive, shortly after my mom passed my dad asked my to be his driver and plus one for his 70th AHS graduating class reunion.  It was amazing to seed 37  88 nyr old AHS grads come back together at Lockhaven Country bClub for dinner and talk , more than a few few of them traveling long distances to attend that one last time to remember old friends and and life experfiences.\

I sincerely hope that we as a class will be able to follow that wonderful tradition

08/02/23 11:22 AM #174    

William E Spooner

Thanks Frank, well stated and appreciated. I have been unable to make it to the last few reunions and dearly missed the opportunity to reconnect with my classmates. 

It is nice to get back to Alton after many years to do something fun, as to laying family and friends to rest.

The last reunion appeared to be well attended and photos and videos were possible to see the event.

I agree that the people in the past have made every effort to provide us with a good outing. I find it hard to understand the dismay over the way things are being handled. If anyone finds it unusal or bothersome to your way of thinking have a choice.

I normally don't give my 2 cents worth, but I guess I am mistified by all of the hub-bub.

I hope to see as many classmates as possible at this reunion, the journey is getting shorter and I don't have time for too many questions about the planning of this. 

08/06/23 10:45 AM #175    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

...and just like that, we're back in time!

Many thanks to our classmate, Frank Vozak, for this time capsule remind!

08/08/23 08:04 PM #176    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

~ Prayer Warrior ~

Many of us are in need of a prayer warrior right now. Thankfully, our wonderful classmate, Ruth Mitchell Bell, is here for us.

If you are in need of prayers, please feel free to reach out to Ruth by FB messenger, or you may call her at 618-465-8374 (she does not text). You may request prayers anonymously.

We all have challenges in our lives and it's good to know we have classmates that will help us through.

(This post is not meant to promote one religion over another. Our class has members of many different religions and we embrace them all.)

08/25/23 07:47 PM #177    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)



        Reunion Cruise on the Mississippi River

Ed Phillips has put together an amazing cruise before the reunion or after. We can only have 49 guests for each cruise...first come first serve.

When you send your payment, indicate the date you want to attend. Gary Gossett is working on the golf outing, so we wanted golfers to have a chance to go, as well. 😎

If you have any questions, call, text, or email Ed.

Ed Phillips

09/19/23 10:40 AM #178    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)


Help us plan a great reunion...Pay Early

Deadline to register for lesser fee:  Oct 4, 2023

09/20/23 06:26 PM #179    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)


All '60's and 70's Class Block Party!

THIS SATURDAY, September 23rd!

09/29/23 07:38 AM #180    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)


This week has been AWESOME for classmates registering for the reunion, mixer and boat trip. Still time to mail your check (or Zelle). It REALLY helps us plan ahead.


10/02/23 07:57 AM #181    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

Thank you all SO much for registering early for our 2025 Class Reunion!!! Registering early helps us better plan.

Still time to mail that check or pay thru Venmo or Zelle:

Zelle: 904-487-8485

Venmo: @DianaHalstead

Diana Halstead
5290 Big Island Dr, #3406
Jacksonville, FL 32246

We DO confirm payments as soon as received! If you don't hear from me, your payment was not received! USPS is the WORST way to pay. Zelle and Venmo are the safest.

10/02/23 03:33 PM #182    


George D Depper

How many thus far?

10/03/23 08:08 AM #183    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

We have 48 registered, George.

We will update the class website with who is coming a month or so prior to the class reunion, like we did last time.

NOTE: I confirm every payment (check, Venmo, Zellel) as soon as it is received. Venmo & Zelle are safest methods of payment. If we did not confirm your registration/payment it was not received.

Zelle: 904-487-8485
Venmo: @DianaHalstead

10/03/23 10:21 AM #184    


Phyllis J Hand (Bechtold)

Does anyone remember Chip Goodrich from North Jr High? 

11/06/23 12:17 PM #185    


John E Isom

From the class of 1969 Delbert Connors passed away on October 21st 2023, from the class of 1970 Andrew Simmons passed away on October 28th 2023.
Delbert was on the football team, Andrew played in the Marching 100!
Friends of mine and yours. May they Rest In Peace 🙏

11/07/23 11:46 AM #186    


Jeffery Gossett

Doug Yost class of 1970 passed away in October. He did not want any notices or service.

He was a good man and a good friend.

11/07/23 04:28 PM #187    


Christopher L Warwick (Warwick)

Doug and I were in grade school together at St. Matthews. He was a great guy. 
RIP Doug and God speed. 

11/08/23 10:15 AM #188    


Pamela K Davitz

I remember Andrew as a very kind, nice person. John, thank you for posting this. My sympathy to Andrew's family and friends.

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