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08/26/21 09:35 PM #215    


Tom Horsley

Dennis, I used to be able to name about 85 percent of our grade school class at McKinley. Now I think I am down to about 40 percent. Of course, the eyes don't work so good either,

08/26/21 09:46 PM #216    


Tom Horsley

Martha, I greatly appreciate your comments. Wish I had gotten to know you better in high school. Guess I spent too much time playing sports and in the band. My biggest regret was I never got to be in the Marching 100. Someone told me in 9th grade that since I was on the football team, I couldn't be in the marching band. But band practice was 6th period and football practice was after school. Since I wasn't on the varsity as a sophomore, I could have done both. Eve since then, I always investigate for myself and not just take soomeone's who may not know anything more than me. I was in the 100 for one summer. As I recall we went to Elkhart Indiana to the instrument factory. I heard a rumor that a few mouthpieces went missing.

08/26/21 09:48 PM #217    


Tom Horsley

Tim Paeltz it will be great to see you again.

08/27/21 02:17 AM #218    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

QUESTIONS: 904-487-8485

08/27/21 03:10 PM #219    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

08/27/21 03:45 PM #220    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)


Click the below link, turn up the volume and sing know all the words.

08/27/21 05:48 PM #221    


George D Depper

Don't know who did te montauge but thannks.  Great job!  Brings back a lot of memories!

08/27/21 11:54 PM #222    


Don A Nicholson

Excellent job Diana! Well composed and coreographed. Truly professional video of the ASHS yearbook!  

08/28/21 10:11 AM #223    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

08/28/21 04:50 PM #224    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

Enjoy the trip...

08/28/21 07:02 PM #225    


Sandra L Lagemann (Gottlob)

Hello classmates! Happy reunion day. I am sorry to say we waited till the last minute to make the decision to not attend tonight. I took a fall last week and broke a rib and feel like it's pushing thingsj a little too much. Along with some family health issues and taking a family trip to Spain with that same family in 2 1/2 weeks we are not going to chance it. Best wishes and much fun to all of you and hope to see you in four more years.Happy reunion from Jack and Sandy lagemann Gottlob.



08/29/21 09:16 AM #226    

W Elaine Grubb (Grover)

Missed seeing you, Sandy, but I understand. Have a great trip to Spain and hope to see you in the future.

08/29/21 05:11 PM #227    

Susan M Kaar (Trainor)

We missed you!   Hope your rib heals up quickly, and have a wonderful trip to Spain!

08/29/21 06:30 PM #228    


Patricia L Russo (Perica)

Missed seeing you both, but better safe than sorry. Hope you have a wonderful trip to Spain! God bless for safe travels.


08/29/21 06:39 PM #229    


Patricia L Russo (Perica)

To Diana, Berry:  I want to thank you for a wonderful reunion, it was a great evening. You both went above and beyond and I greatly appreciate all the time and effort that was put into the planning. Keep up the good work for 2025! Much thanks, Patti



08/30/21 08:04 AM #230    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

My dearest classmates and friends,

Blessed is the feeling that overwhelms me when I read each of your comments about your experiences at the reunion or watching it live from home. 

Our goal from the onset was that our 50th should be special. It was so special, in fact, that it took an extra year to plan! 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a part of our 51st class reunion, our wonderful Alton High Class of 1970 and Alton, our hometown.

~Diana heart

08/30/21 04:33 PM #231    

W Elaine Grubb (Grover)

Thank you, Diana and Barry, so, so much for putting together a wonderful reunion. We, the class of 70, are so lucky to have had two such thoughtful and generous people in our class, who would continue to use their time and talents to keep the class of 70 spirit alive. It was a special occasion for sure!
Much love and gratitude to you both!

09/03/21 05:43 PM #232    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

So that you each have a copy of the links to the Mixer and Reunion videos, see the below (and mark them as a favorite) cool


09/03/21 07:44 PM #233    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

Need some help...

If you snapped any class reunion photos of the mixer or reunion, can you please text or email them to me...or post them here...soon? Please?


09/05/21 11:40 AM #234    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

Our Photo Booth Class Reunion Photos are now on this site:


09/09/21 09:26 PM #235    

Frank Vozak (Vozak)

Thank you and Ruth for the work you are doing/  I 'm interested in the book especially

since I could not attend the reunion

09/25/21 09:10 PM #236    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

Class Reunion LIVE!

For those that do not use Facebook, I was able to copy the FB live video from our 50th on the 51st class reunion. (Next reunion we'll use a wider lens :)

10/18/21 10:37 PM #237    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

B-There or B-Square!

Our awesome classmate, Dilbert Caldwell's Picture This band, will be performing November 13th,  Saturday 5-7pm at: 

The Tango Event Center 
212 East Elm St.
Alton, Ill, 

Donation $20 (limited seating due to covid) 

Tickets are on sale NOW 
Contact Dilbert 618/541-1768

Let's Support Our Classmate!


10/19/21 10:40 AM #238    


Ruth E Mitchell (Bell)

Dilbert said that many at the reunion asked for information on his upcoming concerts. I told him that I would post his flyer and invite his classmates to come hear him. I heard his band at the Miles Davis Jazz Festival a few years back and it was great!!🥰🌹<>>

01/06/22 10:27 AM #239    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

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