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01/26/21 03:25 AM #172    

Frank Vozak (Vozak)

Diane, Great challenge for all of us to re-connect before its too late.  This year I lost Allen Schroeder and Danny Pace---I kept wondering about them and doing nothing to check in and now they both are gone.  We are of an age when its too easy to be too late to talk with a friend or an interestring classmate.

03/09/21 10:34 AM #173    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)



03/09/21 08:26 PM #174    


George D Depper

Are there any 1970 graduates and or their spouses who would be interested in a Golf Outing?  If so send me a note at asap.


03/10/21 10:07 AM #175    

Gary L Hermes

Hey Diana,

I know you posted in the past that if anyone who had previously paid for everything last year would still be all paid up for the rescheduled one. Just double checking. Sorry to bother you.


03/11/21 07:38 AM #176    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

Classmates - if you have already paid for the reunion and/or mixer, you have paid in full. No further funds are due. Just remember that the cash bar at each event is on you.

Again, no payments will be accepted at the door. 

Deadline to register for the reunion is June 1st.

Check the Home Page of this website for where to send payment


03/19/21 09:59 PM #177    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

03/28/21 06:56 PM #178    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

04/12/21 01:43 PM #179    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

IF you requested a refund of your reunion fees and still want to come, PLEASE send your payment back to Barry!

04/14/21 07:58 AM #180    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

We are on FACEBOOK!

If you have a Facebook account,
please request to join our page.
Our Facebook page is private only for
1970 graduates of Alton High
(and/or spouses/partners).

Link to our Facebook: FACEBOOK

The difference in the class website and Facebook?
Users/Classmates share more photos, memories, fun stuff

If you use a fictitious name, please message me here or on Facebook and let me know who you are and we will add you under the fictitious name.

04/15/21 11:31 AM #181    


Ruth E Mitchell (Bell)


This is a productive message!

So far two new class members and one new class member spouse joined the FB group this morning!!



04/28/21 11:06 AM #182    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

We MAY be able to save the Underground Railroad Tour...but will need help with underwriting. We already have two volunteers. IF you can help financailly, call me. DO NOT post here. Call, email or text me at 904-487-8485. A little help can go a long way.... 

04/30/21 11:17 AM #183    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

05/15/21 07:42 PM #184    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

Phone or Text: 904-487-8485

05/17/21 09:58 AM #185    


Moreland Gaddis

If you are attending the Underground Railroad tour, you might want to do some research before the tour.  The guide is a world of knowledge and will ask you if you have any questions.  He knows far more than he has time to share, so he will try to gear his tour to the points that interest you. 


Moreland Gaddis

05/19/21 07:37 AM #186    


Elizabeth McWhorter (Schneider)

Yay! I am coming to the reunion! Sending my check to Barry today.

05/20/21 10:35 AM #187    

Kathryn Madson (Yarosevich)

So sorry I can't make the reunion!  My husband will have had major back surgery at that time!  Hopefully next time!!!

05/23/21 03:41 PM #188    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

Received several registrations this past week. Yeah!!!
Any questions email, text or PRIVATE message me!!! or 904-487-8485

05/24/21 02:42 PM #189    


Sandra L Lagemann (Gottlob)

Jack and I do want to attend the Underground Railroad tour.  I am sending a check for $40 to Barry tomorrow.


Jack and Sandy (Lagemann) Gottlob

05/31/21 10:00 AM #190    


Gail S Ferguson (Sims)

Sending a check tomorrow for Wendell and Gail Sims for the Mixer to Barry's address.

05/31/21 04:38 PM #191    


Martha M Lewis (Drohobyczer)

It seems like our loss of classmates is accelerating as we get closer to the reunion.  Looking forward to seeing every one.  Martha Drohobyczer (Lewis).

05/31/21 09:08 PM #192    


Martha M Lewis (Drohobyczer)

I walked to Horace Mann school and would pass a house that I was told was part of the Underground Railroad.  I always wondered how did a train get under that house and how it was connected to other underground stations.  I took this tour about 4 years ago with my daughter her husband and  my grandson when he was about 8 years old.  Very good and would highly recommend it. Martha

05/31/21 09:12 PM #193    


Martha M Lewis (Drohobyczer)

Oh, Diana, I liked how you wrote about mask and no one will be policing it.  Very diplomatic and well written.  Thank you for being neutral, diplomatic and following CDC language guidelines. This is why you are chair of this reunion.  Just my opinion. Martha

06/01/21 09:34 PM #194    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

Questions? Email, text or call me...
Diana Maul Halstead

06/04/21 01:00 PM #195    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

06/12/21 04:23 PM #196    


Donna F Taylor (Vincent)

I will work 7:30-8:30 at the mixer!

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