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08/28/21 07:02 PM #140    


Sandra L Lagemann (Gottlob)

Hello classmates! Happy reunion day. I am sorry to say we waited till the last minute to make the decision to not attend tonight. I took a fall last week and broke a rib and feel like it's pushing thingsj a little too much. Along with some family health issues and taking a family trip to Spain with that same family in 2 1/2 weeks we are not going to chance it. Best wishes and much fun to all of you and hope to see you in four more years.Happy reunion from Jack and Sandy lagemann Gottlob.



08/29/21 09:16 AM #141    

W Elaine Grubb (Grover)

Missed seeing you, Sandy, but I understand. Have a great trip to Spain and hope to see you in the future.

08/29/21 05:11 PM #142    

Susan M Kaar (Trainor)

We missed you!   Hope your rib heals up quickly, and have a wonderful trip to Spain!

08/29/21 06:30 PM #143    


Patricia L Russo (Perica)

Missed seeing you both, but better safe than sorry. Hope you have a wonderful trip to Spain! God bless for safe travels.


08/29/21 06:39 PM #144    


Patricia L Russo (Perica)

To Diana, Berry:  I want to thank you for a wonderful reunion, it was a great evening. You both went above and beyond and I greatly appreciate all the time and effort that was put into the planning. Keep up the good work for 2025! Much thanks, Patti



08/30/21 08:04 AM #145    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

My dearest classmates and friends,

Blessed is the feeling that overwhelms me when I read each of your comments about your experiences at the reunion or watching it live from home. 

Our goal from the onset was that our 50th should be special. It was so special, in fact, that it took an extra year to plan! 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a part of our 51st class reunion, our wonderful Alton High Class of 1970 and Alton, our hometown.

~Diana heart

08/30/21 04:33 PM #146    

W Elaine Grubb (Grover)

Thank you, Diana and Barry, so, so much for putting together a wonderful reunion. We, the class of 70, are so lucky to have had two such thoughtful and generous people in our class, who would continue to use their time and talents to keep the class of 70 spirit alive. It was a special occasion for sure!
Much love and gratitude to you both!

09/03/21 05:43 PM #147    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

So that you each have a copy of the links to the Mixer and Reunion videos, see the below (and mark them as a favorite) cool


09/05/21 11:40 AM #148    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

Our Photo Booth Class Reunion Photos are now on this site:


09/09/21 09:26 PM #149    

Frank Vozak (Vozak)

Thank you and Ruth for the work you are doing/  I 'm interested in the book especially

since I could not attend the reunion

09/25/21 09:10 PM #150    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

Class Reunion LIVE!

For those that do not use Facebook, I was able to copy the FB live video from our 50th on the 51st class reunion. (Next reunion we'll use a wider lens :)

10/19/21 10:40 AM #151    


Ruth E Mitchell (Bell)

Dilbert said that many at the reunion asked for information on his upcoming concerts. I told him that I would post his flyer and invite his classmates to come hear him. I heard his band at the Miles Davis Jazz Festival a few years back and it was great!!🥰🌹<>>

02/15/22 01:44 PM #152    

W Elaine Grubb (Grover)

Thanks, Diana, for the information. You are always so good to keep our class informed of current events:)

02/28/22 01:55 AM #153    

Diane K Allton

I just learned of Earl Timmermeier's recent passing. He is now with his heavenly family whom he loved so dearly and so deeply. Although his name was familiar to me...I didn't know him in high school. I met Earl when I returned to Alton...and he helped me with my computer. We became acquainted...and I came to know Earl as a good and kind man. Truly. You will be missed very much Earl. I am so glad that I came to know you.

06/07/22 04:56 PM #154    

John P Allen

Just a quick note to everyone that our classmate, Don Page, passed away Friday, June 3.

06/08/22 11:40 AM #155    

Frank Vozak (Vozak)

Don was a good friend and a talented wild life illustrator.  For our final exam project for Mr Mondy's Biology II in Field Biology Don was my  lab partnefr and we made a great team.  I was the book researcher and Don was the Illustrator while we worked together on the field studies and authoring a report on our findings.  

Both in school and in Scouts, Don and I were always a good team.  without his illustrations I could not have created the quality report that we collaborated on.  Don was always a good guy and a team player

The world is a little less good without Don being around.

07/29/22 07:48 PM #156    


Michael P Ivester

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Kent Newcombe?

07/30/22 06:30 PM #157    


Ruth E Mitchell (Bell)


Have you tried the contact info in the latest AHS Alumni Directory from 2014. 

The directory info looks similar to what I got from a Google search.

The link from June 2022 has him at St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Hope that helps, 



07/31/22 07:01 AM #158    


Michael P Ivester

Ruth: Thank you for the information. 



10/03/22 06:46 PM #159    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

04/28/23 12:20 PM #160    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

~ 55th Class Reunion ~

Reminder: Registration fee goes up October 4th, 2023

You might think it's too early to register but...remember, we still have to plan and pay well in advance to have the event. No one puts on a large event like this with zero deposits.

Reunions don't happen by osmosis. 😎

You are safer to pay by Zelle or Venmo, but checks are good too.

(If you have already paid and your check has NOT been cashed, it was not received).

You can always text, call, or email me if you have any questions.

Diana Maul Halstead


It is not showing the flyer on this post so please look at the prior post for details. (I do love technology!) 😎

05/15/23 09:49 AM #161    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

~ Reunion ~

Last year we gave everyone an opportunity to have the reunion at Julia’s or Lockhaven.

Lockhaven would have been a great place, but Julia’s was less expensive and most of you voted for chose Julia’s. The pricing for each was given at the time, as well.

So, why is the reunion is going to be so much more expensive than the past? My response is “ask Alton businesses”. The pricing for a space is a lot more than it is even here in Florida. Even the deposits, that don’t even go towards the cost of food, are more expensive.

We looked for the least expensive place that could accommodate us, without going to a ‘hole in the wall’ place. Those places are great for gatherings and fun, but for a reunion…not so much.

Realizing many of us live on Social Security, alone, I posted about the reunion last year so that everyone might be able to save a little each month towards the reunion.

I truly wish we could have $30 or $45 reunions…but that does not seem possible if you want a reunion like what we’ve had in the past.

What we need to remember is that the fee for the reunion is not just for food. There are other expenses, just like with a wedding or party, like linens, bartenders, tax, gratuity, entertainment, etc. that are added to the base fees.

Just like gas prices, the cost of a dozen eggs, and more have increased…reunions, weddings, parties, drinks, etc have increased.

While we truly hope that everyone can attend the reunion, we understand that not everyone may be able to attend. It’s been this way in the past, as well.

Any questions, privately call or message me at 904-487-8485.


05/26/23 10:06 PM #162    

Frank Vozak (Vozak)


I plan to make the next reunion hell or high water.  The charge for both fri and saturday are quite fair.  My wife and I discussed enrolling in the early fee but she is concerned ab out making a plan this far out and we both agree making a reservation closer to the Oct 2025 date would work better for us and the $95/person is quite fair.  I have to say that all of you guys who are website monitors  hav e really given me the chance to realize how much I miss  my fellow class of 1970 classmates.  I think our class has made a pretty remarkable impact on the world around us and I am very impressed by the lives that each of us have built for ourselves.  I have been corresponding with  a number of our classmates, not the least the amazing artist that you have become.

05/27/23 01:22 PM #163    

John P (Jack) Gottlob

  I agree with you Frank, we plan on sending our money in early to help the piggy bank. Sandy and I missed the last reunion because of circumstances beyond our control and I made the comment that it will never happen again unless I am dirt. It's always good to see people around town here that we grew up with, from all the different schools and hear about how their families have grown. Although I don't post it like you, I do you have fun memories of many people that we've grown up with in the public schools and Catholic schools.  From north, east and west. As we get older, I hope more people consider making the trip and reminiscing over things gone by.  

05/27/23 03:13 PM #164    


Marilyn J Gissler (Stewart)

On June 24, 2023 there is a fundraiser Music Bingo @ Godfrey KC for Tiffany Richey Lubinski, daughter of our classmate Mary Ann (Losch) & Tim Richey (both deceased). Tiffany has colon cancer. To donate venmo @jennifer-weber98 or mail check to Jennifer Weber, 27 Lake Drive, Moro Il. 62067.

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