Ed File

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Residing In: Hartford, IL USA
Occupation: Retired Shell Oil Company, Wood River,Ill.
Children: Daughter=Jaime, 1/24/1976
Grandson= 4/14/09 Macon
Grandson=9/13/14 Chase
Military Service: USMC  

Went in USMC 1968- 1971
Came home and worked at Hudson Oil in West Alton, Airco Industrail Gases E.Alton, Shell Oil WoodRiver,Ill. Retired in Jan. 1 2011
Married Dianna Sykes= Daughter Jaime Then Divorced.
Married Sandi Dunnagan. 2nd Divorce Step. Daughters Kim and Stacy
I just need to stay single I guess""
It's Me and Nascar""

School Story:

Humbolt= k.and 1st
Mc Kinnley & Delmar= 2nd,3rd,4th,5th
Garfield= 6th
West Jr.= 7th-9th
Alton Sr. High= 10th
USMC= G.E.D. 1969
Lewis & Clark

Stories: Driving to West Jr.in 9th Grade!! Me and Dale Bachman were the only ones able to drive in JR. High!!
My favorite Class was Printing with Mr. Treise and Bussiness with Carl Springer.
Parties:= Toni Flippo They were Famous" Randy Springmans Parties:Famous"
Beer Buying"= Kenny Hale, Bob Budde, Many others Skipping school with Jamey Franklin, Clyde Fones,
Going to Lunch= Everyday Jamey Franklin, Clyde Fones, Bob Budde, Dennis Warner, Rick Trudell and many others" Try getting everyone to Burger Cheif" Hheheheh"""
Interesting=" Womens Fights"
Watching= Bob Rohlfing Do Wheel's down College Ave.
Running Cross Country"
Having Ed Hightower= Run into my car in the Pit"
Football Games, And the Marching 100" Sound" Of course Our Cheer Leaders" And the Friday Nite at Arks"One Favorite "Cop Corky Hampton" and Dales Place, Jamey in Yellow Corvair" Battle of the Bands" Clyde H. Boys, and the JJ/G's. Driving in Circles down Milton Road to" BLOCKS" and me" in My Yellow " Morris Minor" Harry Smith"s 58" Chevy and Mike Graziana's Comet", Shelby Mustang" And Mike Eubanks 56" Chevy" What Great Memories""""" And that was just in my Sophomor Year"""" Who Knows what of happened next"""''' Missed My JR. and Senior Year to go in the Marines""

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Sturgus Ride=1991
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Grandson Macom 4/14/09
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My daughter Jaime and Husband Joe
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Sturgus Ride=1991
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