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05/26/17 09:07 AM #91    

Terry R Bridges

Does anyone know if the obituary a few days ago for Milton Johnson Jr. Was the Milton Johnson who graduated in 1970?


05/26/17 01:31 PM #92    


George D Depper

I was wondering the same.  I know he lived in Springfield, il.  He and his wife golfed with us in the reunion golf e ent.  His son, who was an administrator at Alton high, lived in town a few years back.  I think he may of had some medical issues.

05/27/17 11:44 AM #93    


Allen K Schroeder

I think you're correct. The age is right, and he was a Jr. Maybe Clyde can do a little diggin and find out. Glad to see both of you are sitll kickin!

05/27/17 05:10 PM #94    


George D Depper

Scratching and fighting, too!

05/27/17 06:40 PM #95    


Clyde W Fones

I've sent a message to Cathy Williams Funeral home to try to get a copy of Milton's obit. If they respond I'll post it for all to see. What kind of funeral home doesn't have a web site these days??? If anyone local can stop by there and pick up a copy, send it to me and I'll post it. Take are all.

05/28/17 11:33 AM #96    


John E Isom

It was not the Milton Johnson who graduated with us.  He is still kickin'!  Hope everyone is doing well.

05/28/17 04:19 PM #97    


George D Depper

Thanks John!

05/30/17 02:32 PM #98    


Clyde W Fones

Thanks John!

05/30/17 03:36 PM #99    

Patricia Graham (Bechtold)

how many were in the graduating class of 1970


05/31/17 10:53 AM #100    


John E Isom

Patrica if memory serves correct there were 804 of us who walked across the stage that hot June 3rd. evening.

05/31/17 12:57 PM #101    


Victoria S Coffee (Fudurich)

I still have a copy of our Commencement Booklet which has a class roll of 732 students listed in it.  It is dated Tuesday Evening, June 2, 1970.  A newspaper article which came out the following day (Wednesday, June 3, 1970) states that 706 of us actually attended the graduation ceremony and received our diplomas that night.  It is safe to say that not everyone who originally started out in our class actually graduated.

05/31/17 01:18 PM #102    


George D Depper

I thought there were 792 of us!  Guess John and I both skipped math class that year!

06/01/17 09:26 AM #103    


Paul A Wood

I have a Bernard Harris Alumni Directory that lists 823 names for the 1970 class

06/01/17 12:50 PM #104    


Moreland Gaddis (Gaddis)

Was Greg Tanler (spelling may be incorrect) in our graduating class or did he move to our area later?  Does anyone know where he is now?



Moreland Gaddis

06/01/17 05:12 PM #105    


Thomas G Stewart

greg was in the class of '69. he passed away in 1995 from a malignant brain tumor. greg was buried in medfield,mas.   he was married to patty nuzum

06/01/17 05:18 PM #106    

Christopher L Warwick (Warwick)

Boy looks like there is no clear number, I thought I remember 738 that night. I was like what I thought was 735.  

06/02/17 02:32 PM #107    


Moreland Gaddis (Gaddis)

Thanks, Tom, for the info, but sad news.


06/03/17 11:21 AM #108    


Allen K Schroeder

According to my "Official Cumulative Record" there were 706 in the class with 350 boys and 356 girls. So who knows?

07/19/17 02:21 PM #109    


Clyde W Fones

For anyone who's interested... :Here's our Tatler online.

07/21/17 10:11 AM #110    


Moreland Gaddis (Gaddis)

Thanks, Clyde!



06/21/18 02:02 PM #111    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

~ Mark Your Calendars NOW! ~

August 1, 2020 - Class Reunion
July 31, 2020 - Class Meet-up/Mixer 

Meet-up/Mixer - Bluff City Grill
Reunion - Tony's Vogue Room 

This promises to be our BEST reunion yet! 50 years people!!!

Any questions, email, text or call me:




12/31/18 01:49 PM #112    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)


50th Class Reunion Details

Class Reunion
August 1, 2020
6:00pm - 10:00pm
312 Piasa Street
$35 per person - Includes dinner (cash bar)
July 31, 2020
7:00pm - 10:00pm
424 E. Broadway
$20 per person - includes appetizers (cash bar)
Mail checks payable to:
Alton Senior High School Class of 1970
Barry Wittels
2302 East Poinsettia Dr
Phoenix, AZ. 85028
Any questions, email, call or text: (do not message here; ok to message on Facebook)
Diana Maul Halstead - 904-487-8485


02/05/19 07:41 PM #113    


Diana M Maul (Halstead)

Bruce Graves..."It's never to late..."

(YT may soon block this while you can)


03/24/19 07:10 PM #114    

Diane K Allton

When I was in high school I worked at the thrifty drugstore in the alton plaza. There was a guy by the name of la Larry Jones who was a year or two behind us. His girlfriend was
Debbie cipriano who was his girlfriend. Debb

03/24/19 07:15 PM #115    

Diane K Allton

Does anyone know them or How to contact either of them? If so please let me know. I have never forgotten Larry who was so much fun to work with. Thank you.

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